About Us

Milad Trading Company was founded in Iran in early 1981, possessing 25 years of experience in the field and soon became a reliable supplier throughout the whole region’s industrial field.

Milad’s credentials & success are due to the unique sales engineering services, which guarantee the smooth progress of the timely scheduled projects in Iran.


Our Existing Services Include:

Globally Competitive

Offering the customers globally competitive sales conditions and prices in rials and/ or in foreign currencies along with highly sophisticated facilities in Iran, having the materials & equipment in the warehouses in & outside the country.

Budgetary Estimation

Budgetary estimation, provision, and supply of the required materials & equipment based on the need and the timing schedule of the contractors, before and/ or during the projects.

Technical Guidance

Providing proper technical guidance & tips for applying equipment and/or consumables using highly trained manufacturers’ skillful technicians before and/ or during all fields of operations.


Professional, technical training of nominated personnel by manufacturers’ technicians.


Provision of required spare parts, repair, maintenance manuals and when necessary, assigning technician group(s) at the required site or plant.


Providing the required documents such as certificates of conformance, service, maintenance & instruction manuals, illustrated spare parts lists, recommended parts list for the specified operation periods.

Priority Service

In some special cases when the project is in need of material &/or equipment which were not included in design, or foreseen in advance, the priority is given to supply our customers with their needs, avoiding normal procedures of purchasing formalities.